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Blog: SEO Semantic PSD to XHTML Conversion Services : A Quick Introduction
January 31st, 2013


In the golden days of the Web, semantic coding has received much hype due to the changing web standards. It brings your website more accessibility and better visibility to web page content. Data portability is a major advantage of the semantic "Web" as the semantic markup  is easy to understand by all devices. In today’s blog post of CSS4Me, we are going to read more about the key importance ofSEO Semantic PSD to XHTML Conversion services in the web development process. Let’s get started.


SEO semantic PSD to XHTML coding basically refers to a process of converting the image format based designs into pixel-perfect, W3C valid, cross browser compatible (X)HTML/CSS markups, where a web developer use standardized markup tags in the context of SEO terms to better describe the attributes of the XHTML codes. It is best defined by many people as a set of codes include HTML tags to describe what kind of content it contains.  It offers you very clean code structure that can be easily understood by XHTML developers and designers. 


Let’s Understand Semantic Coding With An Example:

Instead of using code like this:

<div id="page-title">

XHTML Slicing is an important step in PSD to XHTML



We use standardized markup tags:

<h1>XHTML Slicing is an important step in PSD to XHTML</h1>

In the above set of codes, we have used <h1> tag instead of a generic <div> tag. The reason is simple: <div> tags are used and these tags don’t represent any inherent meaning. On the contrary, <h1> also known as heading tags are used to define the heading of a web page. The heading tags are HTML tags  that are used to represent the content of a web page and help in improving a website ranking in the eyes of major search engines including Google.


Semantic Coding Can Drive High Traffic To A Website

Fully semantic Photoshop To XHTML conversion plays a vital role in helping search engines and web browsers to better understand what a block of information available in an HTML document. Also, it is quite beneficial for the purpose of local search in terms of SEO. It clearly defines your business and its location in the search engines and any browsers or apps hungry for such kind of local information. In addition to that, it describes each page to the search engines in a logical and meaningful order. Thanks to the hierarchical semantic XHTML tags.

Adding a bit of semantic makeups, after XHTML slicing will help you to make a website  both visually appealing, interactive and friendly towards search crawlers - Google, Yahoo and Bing. The reason is simple -  it describes the content of your website efficiently and this will help your site to get indexed quickly whenever you update the content. Besides simple and plain website, the semantic coding is also considered a good option for e-commerce websites, social network portals and photo galleries loaded with large amount images, multi-media elements and animations. Such web portals need to be well defined and semantic PSD to XHTML coding helps in the same.


Why You Should Love Semantic PSD to XHTML Conversion Services

  • Make the code behind a website more meaningful
  • Extracting the relevant text of XHTML codes, only readable to humans.
  • Improve website download speed by replacing nested table - a top reason to slow website download rate.
  • Target a niche audience and serve in the fast-changing online world
  • Make a process of editing codes quite easier for the near future.
  • Enhance a website's accessibility, Internationalization and searchability.


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