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Psd To Xhtml
Blog: Error-Free Psd to WordPress Conversion Makes Your WordPress Website More Accessible
February 5th, 2013


There's no doubt that WordPress enjoys the loves of millions of people as a popular blogging platforms and content management systems on the Internet. Today, this open source blogging platform is well embraced for creating beautiful websites and blogs. Its simplicity, extensibility and robustness make WordPress more popular amongst people especially when it comes to developing a WordPress-powered website.


Psd to WordPress conversion is an important step to start the journey of a WordPress web portal or blog. It is a simple process of converting a design from PSD to (X)HTML/CSS markup files. It is always advisable to go for pixel-perfect, handcoded, cross browser compatible, error-free, SEO semantic HTML/CSS markups. The next is HTML to WordPress integration in which the markup files are integrated into WordPress theme/ template.


Converting Photoshop to WordPress theme/ template plays a vital role in determining the future of your website in the near future.  To put it simply, it is an important step in the process of WordPress website development that helps in improving accessibility of your web portal in WordPress, which is technically popular as a good platform for SEO. Truly speaking, proper Psd to WordPress theme conversion is all about  structuring a page properly and make a website not only search engine friendly but machine-friendly that allow users and machines to read the content of the website without any hassles.


There are few important factors which you should keep in mind while Photoshop to WordPress conversion. By considering below mentioned points you can make your WordPress powered website more accessible : 


  • Label Your Images With Alt Text : Always use alt text properly to describe images on a web page. It is one of the major threat to web  accessibility. Remember that a single barrier to your website can destroy its web accessibility. On this note, don't forget to label your website images correctly with alt text.   


  • Enhance Accessibility With WordPress Plug-ins : There is no doubt that custom WordPress plug-ins help a lot in enhancing the accessibility of the website. A variety of WordPress plugins are available out there through which you can improve website functionality with great ease. Access Keys plugin, Easy Retweet, AstickyPostOrderER, Hackadelic SEO Table of Contents, WP-Polls are some of the most popular plug-ins 


Custom WordPress website development is a simple process that requires very little programming or coding knowledge. Besides that, people oftentimes need professional assistance for converting PSD to XHTML/CSS to WordPress. This brings dedicated WordPress developer into the picture. A skilled programmer helps you to develop a good WordPress powered website hassle-free within minimum turnaround time.