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Blog: Knowing best option for PSD to Joomla Conversion
February 22nd, 2013


For the few years, the extent to the website designing and development has been widening its wings with the unbelievable speed owing to supremacy of the internet affecting well to its users. Today, each and everyone have considered to the internet elite to boost up their business globally. So, they indicate to getting a website important to their commercial activities.


Due to such needs to grow the business, the demand to the website designing and development has shown itself increasing a lot. To the web world, CMS as abbreviated Content Management System plays an important role to make a website more effective. As a result, there are many CMS available in the market but Joomla stands as an esteemed CMS that enables a Web site with and powerful features, such as its ease-of-use and extensibility making to Joomla the most popular Web site software. To get started with Joomla development, you need to know the steps meaning in PSD to Joomla conversion.  


1. Carving the PSD


This stands as the primary footstep to exchange PSD to Joomla template. To work on, there are given few steps to follow below:


·         Permit the auto select layers as it is to bring your job easy.  

·         Divide the website into rational parts by rulers.

·         Act on the parts that you do not mean to copy with the CSS such as the images, logo and the buttons.  

·         Slice the dissimilar sections carefully to reproduce them into new image files.

·         Ensure you to stop the background.


2. Convert to HTML 


This comes as the most significant step to create a custom Joomla website. Here the images are manually coded into HTML which defines the functionalities of the images. This is done using semantic coding technique as this makes the website respond better on the search engines as crawlers can easily index these elements. The coding needs to be impeccable as any error would hurt the performance of a website. The HTML codes should undergo W3C validation which makes sure that there are no errors in the HTML codes. This helps in making the PSD to XHTML/Joomla website cross-browser compatible.  



3. Adapting in CSS

As the HTML coding is ended, you need to create styling the CSS/Cascading Style Sheet. In the PSD to CSS conversion, you should begin with the style.css file that holds the basic net of the elements such as:


·         Rearrange the file to assemble the requirement of your website.  

·         Begin to modify from the top of the website starting with the navigation menu and set the text sizes and multi list levels  and then you need to configure the footer section of your website.

·         In the next step, place the JavaScript to carry out all the functionalities of your website. You can also build use of plugins for this, if you hope to.

·         Limit the number of HTTP request and attempt grouping the scripts to optimize the performance of your website and diminish its load time.

·         While coding, you need to make sure that the sub menu is unseen on page load.

·         Place the animations to happen when one floats over the corresponding menu items.


4. Perform with Joomla

Here you should create relevant folder and directories to execute your website. So create a folder structure that comprises all the necessary files in it and begin with component.php file. In arranging the website, Index.php makes its presence important. In the midst of other files required to be customized are Template_thumbnail.png that comes out as an image of the template itself potential to show in the admin section of Joomla, and template_details.xml that appears as the main file Joomla coverts to install your template to.


Once this gets complete, you require to install template.zip and put in this into your Joomla‘s CMS. This is expressed as Joomla integration. Subsequently, you need to access template manager to this and put your new template as the default and you are accomplished with PSD design to html/Joomla conversion.